Slawston - a brief history...

Slawston village Slawston lies eighteen miles south-east of Leicester, on the southern edge of the hills overlooking the valley of the Welland and adjoining the county boundary with Northamptonshire. The parish includes the deserted hamlet of Othorpe, formerly a chapelry of Slawston and has a total area of 1,501 acres.

The parish occupies a promontory of higher ground jutting south-eastwards towards the Welland and bounded on the north-east and south-west by two small tributaries. The village lies at over 300 feet and Slawston Hill (sometimes known as Mill, Barrow or Burrough Hill) exceeds 400 feet.

The Slawston Fete 2007

All the details of this year's Village Fete.

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Latest news....

Road safety in and around Slawston - survey report.

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